Your eco-responsible campsite by the sea in Le Lavandou

Discover Camping Saint Pons, an eco-responsible haven of peace nestled near the splendid beaches of Le Lavandou. Experience a unique blend of nature, relaxation and maritime adventure.

Explore the jewels of Le Lavandou near Camping Saint Pons

Just a short distance from Camping Saint Pons, the Lavandou coast invites you to discover its enchanting beaches. Saint-Clair beach, with its fine sand and crystal-clear waters, is a haven of peace for relaxation enthusiasts. Not far away, the large beach at Le Lavandou offers a livelier atmosphere, ideal for those seeking a dynamic seaside experience. For a more intimate escape, Aiguebelle beach awaits you with its natural, unspoilt setting, promising peace and serenity. These seaside gems, combining natural beauty and a wide range of activities, are the perfect backdrop for unforgettable days under the Mediterranean sun. Each beach, in its own way, contributes to making your stay at Camping Saint Pons an experience rich in discovery and pleasure.

A commitment to eco-responsibility for a holiday in harmony with nature

At Camping Saint Pons, we take our responsibility to the environment to heart. Our commitment to eco-responsibility translates into respectful management of our natural environment: we ban the use of chemical weedkillers and pesticides in favor of organic fertilizers, thus helping to preserve our ecosystem. Our facilities are equipped with water-saving devices and LED lights to minimize our ecological footprint.

Selective sorting and the use of environmentally-friendly products are an integral part of our daily routine, reflecting our commitment to sustainable tourism. We also encourage our guests to adopt respectful practices, such as using natural clotheslines and banning plastic tarpaulins, to keep our site green and healthy.

A wide range of water sports for unforgettable adventures

Camping Saint Pons is your gateway to a world of nautical adventure. Whether you’re an avid sailor, scuba diver or thrill-seeker with waterskiing and parasailing, Le Lavandou offers a wide choice of activities for all levels. Boat rentals are available for those wishing to explore the coast at their own pace, while the local sailing school welcomes novices and experienced sailors alike for courses tailored to every age and level. Immerse yourself in the azure blue of the Mediterranean and experience exhilarating moments amid breathtaking seascapes.

At Camping Saint Pons, we invite you to enjoy a unique vacation experience, where respect for the environment, the pleasure of the beaches and the excitement of water sports activities come together to create indelible memories. Join us for a perfect blend of nature, relaxation and adventure.